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Murray’s Ordination Photos

Murray Wills was ordained a Deacon in November 2017.

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Actioning the Book of Acts

Actioning the Book of Acts

Over the past four years, we have offered a seminar afternoon on one of the mid-January Sundays. So far we have explored each of the four Gospels at these afternoons, with presentations offered by members of the parish, and opportunities after each presentation to share thoughts and reflections in small groups. This month we delved into the “sequel” to Luke’s Gospel, which is the Book of Acts, and considering how it challenges us to be the church in our own 21st century context in this place.

Topics included:

  • What the church looked like in the early days as it evolved in the different centres of Antioch, Jerusalem, Ephesus, and how this relates to the church doing different things in different ways today (The Revd Jean Malcolm)
  • The kerygma (message) of the early Church and its importance for us today (Murray Wills (Accredited Parish Chaplain))
  • The Church in mission (The Revd Peter Benge)
  • Signs and wonders (healing) in Acts (The Revd Derek Lightbourne)

You can download the Seminar Material by Clicking Here.

Change to Services – (Latest Information)

Below you will find some important information relating to Service changes taking place in November 2016:

Focus Groups

Here are notes that have come out of the focus meetings so far:

Communications Focus Group Report

Hospitality Focus Group Meeting 1

Liturgy Focus Group Report

Music Focus Group Meeting 1~full notes and precis

Music Focus Group Meeting 2

Prayer Focus Group Report

Space Focus Group Report

Youth and Childrens Focus Group Report

Details of each of the focus groups

  • Prayer group (meeting weekly on Saturdays 8.30-9am in the chapel, to pray for all aspects of the process towards the new service, for our parishioners and for those we are seeking to draw into our fellowship at St James’s). Convenor: Peter Benge, 569 7685
  • Space group (imagining the best layout for our church to suit our new service arrangements and other needs). Convenor: Liz Friend, 569 8364
  • Liturgy group (focusing on the liturgy or liturgies we will use regularly in our service, the shape of the service, what elements of the service are essential and how those essential elements might vary from time to time, what other aspects of the service might look like and how the services as a whole might vary, etc). Convenor: Jean Malcolm, 587 0225
  • Music group (focusing on the type/range of music we offer, how we combine different styles of music and whether we develop something distinctive to our new service). Convenor: Helen Willberg, 970 9483
  • Hospitality group (one of the key focuses of the new service is to be family together. How will our hospitality at church and beyond the church doors best express that on a sustainable basis? How can we be most welcoming and inclusive of new people, operating as disciples of Christ and reaching out to others?). Convenor: Lois Holmes, 570 2003
  • Communication group (the focus of this group is to communicate what is happening at St James’s and why it is happening in the best and most effective way—in our time line at the back of the Church and within the Church building, in our Newslink and parish magazine, in our website communications and in other public communications). Convenor: Fiona Strachan, 970 5354
  • Youth and children’s group (the focus of this group is to provide well for our young people and children in the new service). Convenor: Averill Baird, 589 4641

Letter to parishioners re service changes from Wardens

Letter to Parish re service time change


Sermon Slides

New Service Brainstorming Discussion 10 Sept 2016






Commentated Eucharist

The following scripts were written to explain elements of the Eucharistic Liturgy – offered as a commentary to services of August 15 and 22 2015.

Commentated Eucharist

Seminar on Mark

In January 2015 we were pleased to be able to offer a Seminar on the Gospel of Mark.

We had four contributors to the seminar, who were Peter Benge, J. Keir Howard, Derek Lightbourne and Murray Wills.

Each of the speakers prepared notes, and these are available below, as well as on the Sermons link.

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Sermons (4)

The beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ the Son of God: The Gospel of Mark in the context of the early church
(Part of the Mark Seminar series).
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Preached by The Revd. Derek Lightbourne on 18/02/2015 (Seminar).
Belief and Unbelief in Mark
(Part of the Mark Seminar series).
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Preached by The Revd. Dr J. Keir Howard on 18/01/2015 (Seminar).
The Gospel: A New Kind of Literature
(Part of the Mark Seminar series).
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Preached by The Revd. Peter Benge on 18/01/2015 (Seminar).
The Significance of the Passion Story in Mark's Gospel
(Part of the Mark Seminar series).
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Preached by The Revd. Murray Wills on 18/01/2015 (Seminar).




Same Sex Relationships


The Parish has been having a discussion on Same Sex Relationships. The following are copied of the addresses that have been given at the start of each discussion amongst parishioners.

Same Sex Relationships and Scripture – The Revd. Dr J. Keir Howard. Part 1 : Scripture (presented on 11/8/13)

Same Sex Relationship Issues and the Church – The Revd Peter Benge. Part 2: Medical/Scientific and Ethical Issues (presented on 18/8/13)