Talent Auction

Use the form below the table of talents to bid for a talent. The auction closes on Sunday 25 February at 3pm.

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Talent NumberTalentCurrent Highest Bid
1Gourmet picnic for 2$50
21 car wash and vacuum$40
3Mirimiri (Maori) Massage$50
4Interview you and write your life story.
5 hrs
5Edit a short document$20
6Ricotta Cheesecake$20
7You, three friends, afternoon tea, dvd$45
8Plate of chocolate brownies$26
9Sing for you or give you a singing lesson$20
10Grocery shop for someone housebound. Bidder pays for groceries$00
11Sultana cake$20
1210 Assorted jams, jellies, chutneys$40
13PC Help max 4 hours$20
14Decision about 'cleaning out' - storage$40
15Driver take you to event or Airport. Daytime to midnight$40
162 Hours Maths tutoring Age 11 - 18$20
17Baked meat lasagne$35
18Baby-sitter max 5 hours$50
19one relaxation massage in own home$35
20Gardening, reading, caregiving up to 4 hours$20
21Plate of Chocolate brownies$15
22Computer/appliance repair. Bidder pays for parts $15
23Pedicure, foot massage, clear polish in your home. 1 hr$20
243 teaching sessions for singing, music theory, ukulele, piano guitar or recorder $50
25De-clutter two sessions. Bidder removes rubbish$00
26Single cake, flavour is your choice from Nancy's list$40
27One hour relaxation massage in our home$50
28Spiced apple cake, date loaf, chocolate coconut biscuits$25
29Taiji two 3 hr sessions$40
30De clutter, 2 sessions, Bidder removes rubbish$20
31Pedicure, foot massage, clear polish - one hour in your home$20
32One hour water blasting (no ladder work)$00
3325 Gingernuts$8
34English lessons, Term 2, Secondary School student. 3x 1 hr$20
352 -3 Spiritual Direction sessions$20
36One hr relaxation massage in your own home$35
3725 Gingernuts$10
38Boiled fruit cake$20
39De Clutter (be warned I am fierce)$00
40Cornish Cream Tea for 12 at the Church$30
41Baking a cake$20
42Lighthouse Cinema with Joan, movie, incl ticket$25
43Three hours gardening$30
44Car Valet$40
45Family portraits (five digital images)$25
46Kids birthday cake - any age$25
471 hour photo restoration$00
48Dog-walking x 4 for 45 mins each walk$00
49One read aloud book $10
50Dutch Ginger slice$15
51Baby sitting$10
52Reading the newspaper or book. Six half hour sessions in your home$00
53Photography lesson (camera or PhotoShop)$15
541 Hour of household chores$30
55Growing a rose 'Mary Rose'$15
56Pottery lesson, 1 hour, plus glazing$50
573 Doz Almond Shortbread$22
58Rich Fruit Cake 20 cm Round or square. Can be frozen for Christmas$30
59Vietnamese style dinner for four at new restaurant in May$80
60Chinese fried rice/noodle for 10 people. Delivered$60
6115 Minute drive in a Porsche$20
62Make a felt hat for you (either pre-made or in a colour of your choice from swatch$00