Actioning the Book of Acts

Actioning the Book of Acts

Over the past four years, we have offered a seminar afternoon on one of the mid-January Sundays. So far we have explored each of the four Gospels at these afternoons, with presentations offered by members of the parish, and opportunities after each presentation to share thoughts and reflections in small groups. This month we delved into the “sequel” to Luke’s Gospel, which is the Book of Acts, and considering how it challenges us to be the church in our own 21st century context in this place.

Topics included:

  • What the church looked like in the early days as it evolved in the different centres of Antioch, Jerusalem, Ephesus, and how this relates to the church doing different things in different ways today (The Revd Jean Malcolm)
  • The kerygma (message) of the early Church and its importance for us today (Murray Wills (Accredited Parish Chaplain))
  • The Church in mission (The Revd Peter Benge)
  • Signs and wonders (healing) in Acts (The Revd Derek Lightbourne)

You can download the Seminar Material by Clicking Here.